Money Can Buy Happiness

Money can buy us many things: A big house, fancy furnishings, cool new cars, impressive blings, expensive clothes, exquisite vacations, the newest iphones. Money can buy us an image, fame, popularity, and “friends”. Money can even buy a happiness that is superficial and barely smile deep.

But money can’t buy everything. Yet, the world around us, the media, advertising and marketing companies, the rich and famous, and everything we look to outside of God tells us that money can buy everything, including happiness. So we make happiness our ultimate goal in life and we do whatever is necessary to get there. We believe that being happy is about having more, bigger, better, and as much as we can get. So we spend money we don’t have to build an image that isn’t who we are and we waste precious time trying to take and post the perfect pictures in order to get likes and follows which will make us feel happy when people acknowledge us.

Money can buy things which may sprinkle happiness into our lives here and there. However, this kind of happiness does not last. You have to keep buying it 💸💸💸 😢.

The peculiar thing about happiness is, it can be addicting and consuming. We can get so consumed with being happy that we lose sight of what truly matters in life. We can forget to appreciate what we have and totally miss all the treasures that is already ours to enjoy. Things like family, friends, good health, a home, and our daily survival needs being met.

Being happy feels good and it may even make us look good among social circles. But feelings come and go. We can’t rely on them to determine whether things are right in our hearts and in our life. It isn’t wrong or bad to want happiness, we just have to be careful to not make it our aim. Otherwise, the pursuit of happiness will bring us jealousy, envy, discontentment, and a self first and only attitude.

True happiness comes when we have an attitude of gratitude. It doesn’t mean we necessarily like where we are or don’t want more. After all, we are imperfect humans and we will never be completely satisfied no matter how much we have. But, we can practice the habit of being thankful and content.

Over time, thankfuness and contentment will bring us the happiness we are looking for because we understand that all we are, where we are, and what we have comes from our Creator God. We’ll see that true happiness isn’t something we can make for ourselves. True happiness is a blessing or benefit which comes from being personally connected to the God who made us.

You see, God has given us the privilege of having a one on one relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ. When we are connected to Him through this relationship, we get to experience happiness as we follow his lead in how we live.

With God as our leader and Father, we learn that happiness is not about how much money we have, what we own, how good we look, how popular we are, or how important our title and position is compared to others.

Happiness is about who, not what we have. The most important person we need to influence us for good and bring us true happiness is God in the person of Jesus. We cannot experience real and satisfying happiness unless and until we make the decision to ask Jesus to be our Savior or rescuer from our sin-proned nature.

Then, we must let Him lead us in every decision by not choosing to do life in the way we think is right or feels good to us. Without Jesus to save us from our foolish, sinful choices and to lead us in the way that is right and good, we will not find the happiness we are looking for. Because Jesus is the God who created us, He knows what makes us truly happy! As our Maker, Jesus will never lead us to things, places, and people that will harm us. But we have to yield every decision, small or big, to Him each day and trust Him to lead us.

As we allow God to be our leader, we will begin to find happiness in doing life His way. And what is His way? It is to love Him with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. When we love God in this manner, with every part of our being as best as we can in our imperfect human state, we will begin to do what He requires of us. And what He requires of us is this: To love others as we love ourselves.

My young friends, money can surely buy you temporary happiness through experiences, material possessions, and popularity. But the true happiness that satisfies your soul deep down does not come from a self first and only way of thinking.

True happiness comes from a God first and only way of living. As you seek Him first in all your decisions and make Him your highest love, God will lead you to make decisions which will bring happiness that money can’t ever buy at any price 💸💸💸.

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