Beautiful Bella

Delighted to highlight Bella who lives in the small town of Fairview, Pennsylvania by Lake Erie, my hometown 🙆‍♀️. I met Bella in a homeschool co-op eight years ago when our family was beginning our homeschool adventure. I had the opportunity to be a helper in her art class. Bella is so gracious to share about herself in length so here is her story in her own words.

I enjoy anything with friends and family. They are very important to me. I love to travel or go on vacation. Camping is always fun, sitting around the campfire and singing worship songs ⛺🎤🎶. Overall, I like getting out of the house and exploring somewhere new.  

I have many hobbies, basically anything artsy 😍. I mainly like painting with acrylic or oil paintings and I’ll paint anything from realism, to my own made up ideas. I even started selling some of my artwork to some people who have commissioned me to make them a piece. Another way I use art, is through baking. I have baked cakes for birthdays and a wedding 🎂. I’ve also done cupcakes for my brother’s graduation party 🤗. I have fun designing the cake, baking lots of flavor into the layers, and decorating the outside with my designs. I also love music, whether that’d be singing, writing songs, or playing an instrument 🎤🎸🎺🎼. I sing at Millcreek Community Church some Sundays and at special events. Last, out of my main hobbies, is writing. Like I said, I like to write music, but I have so many ideas for songs that I often find myself starting many different song ideas, but haven’t finished them! I also like writing poetry. Although I haven’t written many poems, I do have a few finished ones. I am also writing a fantasy book 📖🖊, but I’m taking my time on it. I started years ago, but I keep adding pages as ideas come to mind. The book is just for fun, which is why I’m not rushing to finish it, but am enjoying the process 🤗. I’m thankful that God has given me these gifts and now that I’m a senior in high school, I’m starting to seriously consider which path I’ll take 🎶🖌✏.

I aspire to follow wherever God leads me. I haven’t felt any strong calling to go anywhere or do anything specific yet. This can be scary at times, but I trust God holds my future and He will guide me, even if it’s in a direction that hasn’t been revealed yet 🙏.

My dream job would be an animator of some well-known company, probably Pixar. I love the idea of seeing my art come alive with movement and seeing the direction of where the other people on our team would take my work. What will the voice actors sound like? What is the whole story? What are the other artists doing? Of course, the finished product would be so satisfying, and I’d love to see the audience’s reactions 😍. I like the idea of working behind the scenes in things. For instance, if I were to be famous, it would be for my art, not me. My face would be hidden by my creations; it’s less stressful that way. It’s exciting to see how God has created us with intelligent design, and this is how we can create and design things with art 🎨.

I’d live anywhere that has a beach with crystal clear water, but is cool enough to get a nice amount of snow in winter 🏖❄. I like living in PA though. I don’t think I’ll move too far away 🤗.

My favorite subject is probably easy to guess, either music or art 😘.

I listen to call kinds of music, from musicals, to Christian rap. 

I’m not watching any show right now, but my favorite would probably have to be Avatar the Last Airbender. I even named my puppy after the character, Appa 😍 🤷‍♀️.

For social media, I started on Facebook, but found myself more interested in taking photos than I was in writing about my day, or other things on there. That’s why I’m now mainly on Instagram. I really enjoy taking photos and editing them. I like posting pictures with friends or nature scenes, usually sunsets 🌅. If I’m somewhere fun, or it’s a unique spot with cool lighting, then I’ll have fun posing myself for a cool photo 🙆‍♀️.

Thank you for sharing your story Bella 🤗. Your artistic abilities continues to amaze me! Everything about you shouts of your Maker’s creativity 🤗. I love it!!!😍💜. You are God’s unique creation and He will use your creativity to display Himself to many. Always use the gifts God gives you to make Him known and you will find pleasure in creating. You will encourage people with your art while bringing pleasure to Him who created you 💜.

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