Imani (Faith) Bê

It’s my pleasure to highlight Imani Bê (her late grandma’s name) Bell this week 🤗. She is my beautiful niece😍! I held her at just two weeks old! Look at her now. She has blossomed into a pretty tween 😘.

Like her mom, my baby sister, Imani is artistic and enjoys drawing. Her favorite subject is Art 🙂. She also likes to play soccer and tennis, and enjoys reading.

Imani has used her creative talent for the benefit of her school, Signal Hill Elementary in New Jersey where she lives. Check out the awesome yearbook cover she designed for her school pre-pandemic 😍.

Imani is African American, Vietnamese, less than a quarter Chinese 😉, and 100% God’s unique creation 🤗. She is a responsible, kind, smart, thoughtful, helpful, and gifted young lady. It’s bittersweet to see my sweet niece mature to almost 12 in a few months!!

Imani loves her family and thinks she would like to live in New Jersey when she grows up since her grandparents and extended family are there. But, she is open to going wherever her future job would take her 😉.

God has surely blessed our family with Imani’s uniqueness 🤗. She has her Creator’s artistic and creative characteristics in her 😍. Imani, always follow your Maker before anyone or anything. I pray you will use your artistic talent and creativity to honor Him wherever He takes you and however He chooses to use it in pointing all people to Him, the Master Artist 🙏💜.

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  1. Deborah Bell says:

    Beautiful! I’ve watched her grow (from a distance) since she was born. Imani, hast as all her siblings, and her parents, and you and your family, and a beautiful blessing in my life! I love you all!


    1. Thank you! You are a blessing dear friend 🤗💜


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