More than Apple

What are you worth? If you asked most people they would look at your clothes, your house, your car, your bling, your friends, and yes, even your phone to determine what they think you’re worth.

If you look at the world’s standards for measuring worth, you’d say I’m not worth very much.

You see, I do not have an Apple iPhone or watch or anything of its kind. In our world today, Apple is one of the brands used as a standard of measurement for a person’s worth. How do I know? Because people have measured my worth by this standard and I have used this standard to measure people’s worth.

Sadly, we have measured one another’s worth by the material and the superficial instead of the soulful substance with which our Creator has assigned to us. We are worth significantly more than any human-made brand, including Apple.

Thankfully, my relationship with God is solid so I know my worth isn’t determined by the brand of my phone, the less-than fancy car I drive, the size of my house, the zip code I live in, or the stuff I have.

I know God personally! We talk everyday all day long, so I know where my worth comes from. God tells me every time we chat. I am created by Him to have his attributes. He created everything in this world so everything belongs to Him. Since he owns everything, His worth is incalculable. Because He made me to be like Him, I have his incalculable worth in me!

However, I am gravely concerned for you who do not yet know God personally and do not know where your worth comes from. I’m concerned for you who are looking to anyone other than your Creator to find your worth and significance.

Back in the day, I looked to people and possessions to decide my worth. I believed my value came from having a college degree and a successful career, driving a BMW, living in an upper class neighborhood, wearing brand names like Nike and Gucci, having rich friends, owning lots of stuff and traveling the world.

Yes, if I could have all these things then I’d be somebody important with a whole lot of worth. Then, people would like me. I’d be popular and have lots of friends. My worth was dependent upon me. It was all up to me to accomplish, achieve, and attain as much as possible because the value of my worth as a person depended on being more and having more. The more I have, the more my worth. The more I’m worth, the more significant I must be. Then, my life will matter because people will pay attention to me and respect me for all I’ve accomplished and attained.

Untrue. Untrue. Untrue. And untrue!!

Yet, I learned these human-made ideas of worth from commercials, advertisements, music videos, movies, sitcoms, magazines, and so much more.

Not only are these ideas untrue, they are harmful to our body, mind, heart, and overall health! You will have no peace, no rest, no contentment, if your days are spent striving to have, to be, and to do, as much as you can to show everybody that you matter. Apart from your Maker, you will never acquire, achieve, and possess enough to attain the worth your soul needs in order to feel its significant value. Only the God who created you can fill this longing He put in you!

Think on this my young friends. Does it make sense that another human created just like you by the same Creator can decide what you are worth? No it does not! Only God, your Maker, has a say on your worth. And only what He says about your worth is true! For He is the true Worth Giver.

If we don’t know what we are worth and where our worth comes from, we will think it’s up to us to build our worth, to prove that our life matters. We’ll let people and trending culture define our identity (who we are) based on our ethnicity and social economic status. Our worth (the value of our life) will be decided by the people we are trying to impress and get approval from, instead of the God who gave us life.

My young friends, your life matters and you have significant worth because God created you. Never believe that you have to earn or prove your worth by accumulating stuff, achieving titles, or building your name. You can have all these things and still feel you are not enough if God isn’t the focus and center of your life. He is the only One who can make you feel like a million bucks and then some 🤗, even if you don’t have what the world says you should have to be somebody worth noticing.

The God who created you knows how much you are worth. He knows how to love you in such a way that will let you know you are worth more than any human-made brand 🤗💜. He alone settles the issue lurking in your heart: Yes, your life matters!

You can know, believe, and trust that you are of priceless worth because God says so. Always remember this truth: Regardless of how people speak about you or how they mistreat you, they can never ever take away your God-given worth young hearts 🤗.

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