Do Love Yourself

This one’s tough for me. I’ve always had a hard time loving myself. I don’t really know why. I guess it’s because I didn’t feel worthy to be loved. It seemed I always missed the mark. I was just a little off on everything. A slow learner by design, I was not creative, witty, or outgoing like I wanted to be or thought I needed to be.

Because of these blaring oddities which I completely despised, I’ve oftent felt at odds with myself and others.

I was disappointed in myself for being so oddly different than who I wanted to be or thought I should be. I believed my existence was one big disappointment 😢.

I had a hard time loving myself because I was confused about my identity, who I am created to be. I could not accept myself in order to love myself. And because I could not love myself how God designed me, I could not love others.

Yet, God says I am to love others as I love myself. But the love I have for myself has to come from a right understanding of who I am as designed by my Creator. Otherwise, I will be in love with self instead of loving myself. There is a difference.

My young friends, loving yourself begins with knowing who you are and how you got on planet earth.

You are here because God formed you and He put His characteristics in you. You have priceless worth because you are related to the God who owns everything on the earth. You are His creation, designed exactly as He intended.

Because God made you, He loves you just as you are, You don’t have to be good enough or do anything to earn His love. Because God loves you without any conditions attached, you can love yourself the way He made you. You never have to compare yourself with anyone to determine who you are. You never have to measure your worth with another person to feel significant.

You matter, your life matters because God assigned His royal worth on you when He gave you life. You are worthy to be loved and you can love yourself because you are made with God’s genetic makeup in you.

Loving yourself how God made you is letting God and the world know that you love His traits in you. When you love yourself, you are actually loving the God who created you! You are telling God how much you value the parts of Him that He put in you.

Sadly, our world, the present culture, the media, social media, God-less people, even “Christians” have confused God’s command of loving yourself to being in love with self. We have made it about self instead of about God and others. This is a danger not just to ourselves but to the people around us.

You see, if we are in love with self there is no room to love others. We will think of self first and self only. We will insist on having our own way and not consider anyone else in our decisions small or big. Everything will be about self. We will be easily offended, quickly defensive, and disregard other people’s needs because we are mainly looking out for self. Our motto will be, “What’s in it for me?” And this will be the basis for all our decisions.

Can you see how loving self translated into being in love with self is harmful to our ego and a danger to society?

View it this way. When you enamored with someone, you will put all your effort, time, and money into the love of your life.

Picture your dream guy, your prince, your knight and shining armor, the one your heart longs for. When you have him, you will build him up, delighting in this guy by doing whatever it takes to please him and show him off to the world.

Now imagine that you are the object or focus of this love. If you love yourself in an egotistical way, different than how God intends, you will put all your effort and time into building yourself up. You will say and do whatever pleases you and whatever makes you feel good about yourself without considering how your words and actions may affect others.

But there is a way out of this self-centered love. As we stay close to God, He gives us the desires and power to resist our very natural, human urges to be enamored with self. It is a daily work for real!

Young hearts, there is a right and healthy way to love yourself. You start by first loving the God who created you. And you love him by getting to know him.

The more you know someone, the better you understand them and their intentions towards you right? If a guy doesn’t have genuine interest in you, getting to know him will reveal his true feelings for you. Same with God. The more you know Him, the more you’ll see his good and loving intentions towards you. And how do you get to know someone? By spending time with them of course! Same with God 🤗.

God is love. He says so himself in 1 John 4:7-8. The more you hang out with God, the more you’ll know about Him and about love. The more you know about God and his love for you, the more you’ll love him. And the more you love Him, the more you’ll want to honor Him with every choice you make.

Young ones, learn to love yourself. But don’t be in love with yourself. Love yourself as God’s unique creation, not less than or greater than anyone. Love yourself as God loves you, just as you are. Without striving, without comparison, without competing, without wanting to be someone different or to have what God didn’t intend for you.

As you love yourself in this humble, honest, and kind way, you’ll be able to love others as you love yourself. You’ll love all people the way you want to be loved. You will love each person with honor, respect, and special care as God’s unique creation 💜. For this is how God loves you my young friends 🤗.

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