My Little Friend 🤗

This week’s summer highlight is my favorite Starbucks barista down the road from my house. I call her my little friend 🤗.

Rachel is from Newnan, GA although her dad is from Minnesota and her mom is from Indiana. She is a shift supervisor and certified barista trainer at Starbucks 🙆‍♀️😍.

Presently, Rachel is waiting to attend flight attendant training for Delta Airlines. Woo hoo!!!

Language and communication studies is her passion so she is pursuing a degree in Communications with a minor in global studies at Arizona State University. In her free time Rachel studies Italian and other languages. She adventured overseas as an aupair to improve her Italian (Viareggio and Poggio a Caiano, Italy). How awesome!!!

Rachel’s hobbies include photography, painting, and aerial arts.

I met my little friend a couple years ago at Starbucks when I’d lounge there for my mommy self care time. Rachel’s sweet smile and courteous service made the place even more inviting than my favorite latte 🤗. She always expressed genuine interest in her customers and I can tell they appreciated it as much as I did.

I’ve had opportunities to spend time with Rachel prior to the pandemic and she truly is a sweetheart 💜. Gentle, caring, encouraging, thoughtful, smart, creative, and adventurous are a few of the qualities I’ve observed in her.

My little friend and bestest barista, I love how God created you so uniquely beautiful, sweet, and adventuresome. Trust in Him with all your heart and do not depend on your own understanding. Seek Him in everything you do and God will direct you to his good and prosperous paths. Thank you for the honor of highlighting you as one of God’s special creation 😍.

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