Meet Alyssa

Meet my friend Alyssa Moore.

I met Alyssa in a women’s group when we first moved to Georgia in 2015. Alyssa’s friendly smile and welcoming personality made me feel right at home in our new church. Since then, we’ve chatted between church services and I’ve enjoyed getting to know the sweet spirit of Jesus in her.

She is a strong young woman of God, and devoted wife and mother. I truly appreciate her authenticity and value the bond we share as sisters in the faith. She is a treasure and I’m thankful for God’s wonderful, unique creation in Alyssa. I’m honored to share a slice of her story with you in her own words.

  • I was born in Syracuse, NY we moved to GA in ’97 and I had a hard time fitting in with others. I struggled to make solid friendships up until high school.
  • I went to college and put my faith in Christ my sophomore year. Once again, I lacked solid friendships.
  • I met my husband, Terry in 2010 and we married in 2011 😊. We have a wonderful marriage and friendship. I can be myself with him and we help each other grow in Christ to pursue what the Lord has put on our hearts.
  • In 2012 my sweet Olivia was born. I struggled to find my voice as a new mom and had to learn to extend a lot of grace to myself.
  • In 2018, my son Kaiden was born and he completed our family. I was much more at ease this time around and confident as a mom.
  • I’m a CNA for a homecare agency and love helping others. I plan to finish nursing school and I have a passion to start a lifestyle blog one day to share my diy projects, home decor and more!
  • I’m currently learning through God’s word to accept myself, the unique way He made me. I have tried to “fit in” for so long but God made us to stand out in our own special way!
  • I really want to encourage young girls to not adopt labels that people may give them, but to hold on to the label of being God’s daughter.

Thank you for sharing from your heart Alyssa 💜. May many be encouraged by your story!!

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