Know Your True Worth

True worth can’t be seen, measured, or bought. It’s why popularity, status, titles, achievements, riches, and stuff still leave us striving for more.

True worth comes from what God knows about you and not what people think of you.

True worth is decided by God, your Designer. It is not determined by how much you’ve messed up or how others have treated you.

True worth comes from what God sees in you, not what faulty human eyes make of you.

True worth comes from being the distinct you God made, to show the world how you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

True worth is found when we can accept ourselves without comparison.

True worth understands her purpose in the world, so she can genuinely celebrate and encourage others in their unique purpose.

True worth doesn’t insist on being first. She build others up instead of puffing up self.

True worth is absolutely about who you are associated with. But there’s only One association that matters. It is with God, your Designer and worth Giver. Only He can make you feel priceless 💜.

We look to people to affirm our worth. But true worth can’t be validated by people, it is affirmed by God.

True worth is about our genuine character hidden on the inside which no one can see, not the superficial, polished exterior which impresses the crowd.

True worth isn’t jealous of another’s success and doesn’t secretly wish for others to fail or mess up because she’s secure in who she is, where she’s at and what she’s been given.

True worth relies on God as her source for everything. She knows her human limitations.

True worth doesn’t come from external appearances but from the treasures within.

True worth is not about financial wealth or possessions, but the priceless wealth of one’s character.

True worth elevates God, not self.

True worth doesn’t feel inferior or superior, but has a humble and confident view of self because she understands each person is made special by God and she values each one as His image carrier.

True worth doesn’t pretend to be or to have. She’s comfortable being real and sticking out, rather than living a pretend life, just to fit in.

True worth doesn’t seek the approval of people. She aims to please the God who created her.

True worth has nothing to prove, gain, or hide. It simply is, by God’s design.

True worth sticks as we win the war inside our heads and replace the lies of our enemy with the truths of who God says we are, that we are made worthy because He formed us.

True worth doesn’t give in to insecurity and reacts out of her feelings. She responds to her fears and doubts with the truth of who God says she is, not the lie that she doesn’t measure up.

True worth does not envy because she truly believes she has all God wants her to have.

True worth is authentic because she isn’t ashamed to be her real self, even if it means she stands alone.

True worth doesn’t live on the offense because God is her defender against naysayers and haters.

True worth doesn’t listen to the consensus. She listens to the Maker’s voice to discover her value.

True worth doesn’t rely on girl power to prove her significance. She has God’s power to be her unique design.

True worth doesn’t need to be better and have more. She knows she is the right amount of enough.

Young hearts, there is no price tag high enough for your true worth. No amount of toiling and striving can ever prove your true worth. God proved this when He gave up His life for you. Think about it. Who else would willingly die for you if you didn’t have true worth? God proved your true worth when He chose to be beaten, humiliated, and die a cruel death in your place.

True worth knows she belongs to the God who owns everything. She doesn’t strive to prove or compete to convince herself or anyone of her significance.

Young ones, remember this truth and you will be secure of your true worth. People will look at the external, the material, the superficial to evaluate your worth. But God looks at what’s in your heart, where your true worth is found. The closer you get to God and the more you stick with Him, the more confident and secure you will be of your worth.

But to know your true worth, to believe that you are valuable just as you are without added fluff, you have to know your Worth Giver. His name is Jesus and He is your Maker.

You begin by inviting Jesus into mind, your heart, your life, your very existence. Over days, months, and years, He will love you so kindly and gently, He will constantly and consistently remind you of your true worth as being made in His sameness, until you believe his words over all others.

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