Mirror Mirror, I Don’t Like What I See

Ok, so this isn’t me in the mirror but this is my shadow/profile 😁. As warped as it looks, it isn’t far from how I see myself.

You see, I have a pretty distorted view of myself. The image I see in the physical mirror and the mirror in my mind is often not what others see of me. And it definitely isn’t the image God sees of me, His beloved creation.

I was taking a prayer walk at the beach one morning when I caught a glance of my side profile, the one I don’t like very much because it shows my belly pooch 😕. So….., I did what any typical woman would do. I sucked in my belly as best I could to hide the thing I’ve disliked about myself since I was a wee little girl. Sigh….Uggh….why I am still struggling with this big belly complex?

So you may be thinking, what is she talking about? She does not have a big belly pooch?? Well, you can’t see it because I’m sucking it in!!!

Ok, so it may not be as big as my mind imagines. But you see what I’m getting at right? How I see myself is very different than how others see me. My view of self has been extremely warped.

When I look in the mirror, I see lines and spots that I want to hide. I see and feel the umwanted pudgy belly which has always been a nuisance. When I think about myself, the image I see is one that doesn’t measure up to much. The woman I see isn’t smart, pretty, or creative. She isn’t worth much because she feels like a nobody going nowhere and doing nothing significant.

This is how I feel. This is how I view myself. It doesn’t mean it’s true. God doesn’t see me this way.

Young hearts, how we see ourselves is so important. If we do not have a right and true view of self, we will not have a right and true view of others.

God says we are to love others as we love ourselves. Unless we have an accurate view of self and see ourselves how God sees us, as His wonderful creation, we cannot love ourselves in a healthy way. Unless we love ourselves the way God intended, we cannot love others the right way. We won’t be able to see everyone as God’s unique creation in order to value them regardless of their ethnicity, their socioeconomic background, or their work.

So how are we to love ourself? We begin with a right and true understanding of self. This is super important so don’t miss it. Without a right and true understanding of who you are, you will either feel inferior to others or superior over them.

My young friends, God created you, me and every human on planet earth to look like Him. He is so grand and so diverse that it takes all of humanity to represent Him! I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true because He says so in His Word.

God designed your looks, your personality, your abilities, and your passions unique from every other person. He assigned your worth when He gave you life. You can’t add to or take away from your value by changing or enhancing your looks or by doing more or less of something. Your worth is set by God. Neither you or anyone else can change your value. Ever.

The beautiful thing is, God designed each person uniquely just like He designed you. To have a right and true view of self means you accept your amazing, one-of-a-kind design without feeling inferior or superior. You recognize that you are not less than or better than another person. You understand that each person is created uniquely by God on purpose and for a purpose. So you’re able to love yourself because you value how God made you special and you’re able to love every person because you value how God made them special too.

Whatever you do young ones, be sure to remember God made you the way you are as He planned it. Believe that your worth is in who God made you to be, not in how you look and what you do. Love how God made you, even if there are things you don’t like about yourself. When you truly understand you are God’s and have incalculable worth, you will love yourself and love others because you understand they also belong to God and they also have incalculable worth just like you 🤗.

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  1. Street Sage says:

    Thank you Phuong

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