Where I’ve Been…

Hey friends, it’s been a while, I know. I should have updated you sooner. But I didn’t. I’m sorry. So here we are, almost 5 months since I shared from my heart to yours.

The first couple months of 2020 were challenging for me. Towards the end of 2019, I was uncertain about writing and whether I was writing for myself or for God. So I decided to stop, at least temporarily. The new year came and I was in a bit of a slump. I had struggled with depression in the past and found myself battling it again. I was sad and a bit hopeless really, for unexplainable reasons.

I did not snap out of my stupor until near the end of February. I’ve been staying close to God because I knew where depression can take me. His word has held me up and kept me going. I cling to it everyday still, for fear of falling back into distress and hopelessness. I am closer to God than I’ve ever been before in my life, thus far. He was all I had when despair and darkness threatened to drown me. God did not let depression pull me from his grip. It is true. He does not lose anyone who belong to Him, those who place themselves under His watchful care.

In the past, depression nearly killed me a few times over because I hadn’t met God yet. Back then, I didn’t know Him personally. We weren’t tight. I knew of Him and a little about Him, but I did not know God as one knows a friend. I couldn’t pour my heart out to Him and trust He’d keep my secrets. I had to keep my fears, guilt, shame, and insecurities to myself. I dealt with depression on my own and by myself.

That was then. Not this time. Not ever again. Depression will never have me. It will not keep me down nor defeat me. I have a weapon to fight depression. His name is Jesus. He defeated death for me. He can defeat depression for me. Thank you Jesus!

God fought for me and brought me back from depression. I’m still writing for Him and about Him on Instagram and Facebook if you are interested in daily encouragements. As for this blog, I’m uncertain of its life. I am working on a couple of writing assignments for God this year and perhaps beyond. This will limit my time to write here, and I continue to be a homeschool teacher to my 12 and almost 10 year old sons.

Thanks for reading and may God’s words reach you each day, through me or another of His faithful ones, to encourage and help you along your journey of life.

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