More Than a Number

I was doing fine until I saw the numbers. I knew I shouldn’t have gone there. But I did.

You see, I had stepped onto the little balancing instrument which measures my worth. I gasped and strained my eyes to make sure I was seeing the right numbers. They were a smidget higher than I was expecting.

Sad isn’t it? I had given this scale the power to assign my significance. Its numbers can either puff me up or pull me down. I know. How superficial and vain of me 😢.

Never in my life, did I want to be defined by a number.

In college no one liked being identified as a number. But on a Penn State-sized campus where I attended, everyone was identified by their social security numbers, not by names. Somehow it made us feel a little less human and much more insignificant.

Yet here I am, years later, a daughter of God and follower of Jesus, measuring my worth by the digits on a scale. What gives?

I go back to one truth. I am completely human. Therefore, I battle human issues. Mainly my identity and worth.

It began in middle school when I learned about my identity and worth from observing and absorbing cultural ideals. I was relatively fresh off the refugee boat (just over 2 years), still trying to fit in and looking for a place to belong. I wanted to blend in, not stick out. So I followed the crowd to find myself and my worth.

I watched TV, read magazines, observed the popular kids at school. Celebrities gave me snapshots of how I should look. Messages from marketers and advertisers sold me the measuring standard for my worth, emphasizing what I should have and look like, to be somebody of worth. My ethnic and environmental influences only added to the confusion and conflict about my worth.

After several decades of soaking these images and messages into my spirit, I came to believe that my identity and value was determined by the material and the external, rather than the internal soul substance designed by the Creator.

As a grown woman who loves God and desire to obey Him, I’m still battling with identity and worth issues. The numbers on a scale and the size of a pair of jeans can make or break my self-worth. It threatens to dictate how I feel and view myself when I know I’m worth immeasurably more than a number.

I am more than a number. I believe this. Even so, old patterns of thinking does come back because they are stubborn. You see, the mind has a tendency towards the familiar, even if the thoughts are untrue and harmful.

This is why God tells us to continually renew our minds in Romans chapter 12 and encourages us to think on things which are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and worthy of praise in Philippians chapter 4.

We are to daily renew our minds, replacing wrong ideas and beliefs about ourselves with the truth of who God says we are as His wonderful creation. It’s the only way we’ll be able to have an accurate view of self and believe that our worth is not found in a number or a size but in the One who made us. His worth can’t be measured because He made everything. From the sky to the sea, to the mountains, to the forests, to the sun, moon, stars, and galaxies, to every living creature, to the uniqueness of every human being and all else in between.

My young friends, it is humanly impossible to count the worth of God. And because you are created in the image of the God who owns all the worth in the universe, your worth cannot be measured either. Your value cannot be defined by numbers. Your significance is not confined to a set of digits.

Young hearts, you are worth immeasurably more than the numbers on a scale, in your bank account, and on your social media feed.

You are more than a number. Stop defining yourself by a number. Don’t let the digits on a scale, the count of followers or the tally of likes define your worth. These numbers fluctuate. But the value God deposited into your being does not. You cannot add to or take away from the worth God gave you when He created you and breathed His life into you.

Be confident in the worth God has assigned you. Always remember that you are worth more than a number. You are wonderfully made just as you are on purpose and for a purpose. Never measure your worth by a number. God doesn’t!

By the way, I haven’t stepped on a scale for several months. But I haven’t neglected time with God either. So, I actually like the lady in my mirror. I’m thankful she’s choosing to believe God’s measurenent of her worth, which can’t ever be compared to the numbers on any scale 😘.

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  1. This is a good reminder Phuong! Because we are made in His image, and He has given us purpose, there is no way estimate our value. God loves us so much that He gave…He calls us to loving service which is great for keeping focus off of self. Blessings ♥

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    1. Yes! Thank you for your encouragement new friend :). God bless you!!

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