Why I Ditched the Daisy Dukes

Oh yeah, I owned some daisy dukes back in the day 🙄. I admit, it did feel good to fit in them. Especially after I lost the freshman 20 from college.

Back then you wouldn’t have found modesty in my closet because I didn’t think it was important.

Many will say it’s my prerogative what I wear. After all, it is my body and I can dress however I choose. Especially if my family is okay with it. Anyway, it’s just fashion. And it’s not my problem if the guys are gawking. They have to control themselves.  I’m simply expressing myself.

The above statements are all true unless you are a daughter of God, meaning you have put your faith in His Son, Jesus. Once you are a child of God, you live under his authority and everything you do reflects your relationship with Him. You represent God, your Heavenly Father with your thoughts, words, action, how you carry yourself, and how you display the body He gave you.

It wasn’t until my first year of marriage, that I began feeling conflicted over my  choice of clothing. I questioned why I still dressed as though trying to get a guy (not that it is a right way to get a guy interested in you) when God had given me a husband. Whose attention am I looking to get anyway?

On the college campus I copied the dress code of my peers. I wanted to fit in and I liked the attention my clothes were drawing from guys.

I dressed for myself. I called it building self-esteem. I didn’t consider anyone but me, myself, and I.

I didn’t dress to accentuate God’s true beauty in me, but to accentuate my curves.

Some say its just fashion. Others claim its being young and free. But how we dress says alot about who we are and what we’re about. Like anything else in our life, you and I dress either to please self or to please our Maker. We either do what honors him, or we do whatever feels good and seems right to us.

As for me and my wardrobe, I will honor the Lord with what I wear and not wear. If this makes me old fashion, an old lady, not in step with the times or whatever else, so be it.

For I was bought at a great price. God redeemed me from my old self. I am no longer my own. I belong to God. My body houses the Spirit of God. I represent him in how I dress, what I say, do, and think. Therefore, I must honor him in what I choose to wear and not wear.

Yes, I want to be in with the latest trends. I like fashion. But as God’s Real Girl, I have a God filter for what to wear and what not to wear. God says everything is allowed but not everything is beneficial. I can wear revealing pieces but what would it benefit me and those looking at me?

Here’s where I have to check my motives. Why do I wear what I wear? Am I showing off the goods to prove I am beautiful and hush my insecurities that I don’t measure up? Or am I presenting my body as a gift from my Creator to be treated with honor and presented in a respected, elegant manner because I know my worth is not defined by my physical make up.

While I’m in the neighborhood, we might as well talk about our posture, how we display ourselves to a watching world. I shutter to see how many of my young sisters in the faith post images and videos of themselves in form fitting attire without regard for God, self, and others.

No judging, because I was there.

Everytime we are in front of the world, online or in real life, we are showing people who God is by what we wear and how we present ourselves. Are we pointing people to God or to self?

Guys are visual. You’ve read or heard this somewhere along the way right? Well, it doesn’t take much for them to have desirable thoughts of you. Just a little bit of skin and form fitting pieces will do. So what of it?

There’s more to this than you may think. God says in James 1:15 that desire gives birth to sinful actions. And when sin is allowed to grow, it gives birth to death.

You may honestly just want to look good or encourage others with your talents and beauty. But, if what you wear and how you display your body stirs desire in guys and those desires lead them to commit adultery in their minds or to pursue sex outside of God’s intended time and purpose, you have not shown them who God is. For He cannot, does not tempt people to sin.

The main takeaway is this: God holds us accountable for what we do with what He gives us, including our bodies. If what we do tempts others into sin, God says we shouldn’t do it.

Again, I remind you to consider this: Does what you put on your body and how you display your body point others to God or self? Do you want to be a positive and encouraging influence to others in how you dress and present your body? Asking these question before you shop, dress, and post assures who will be displayed in your presentation. God or you.

Young hearts, you can look cute and trendy without baring body parts which are intended for the man you are married to or will marry someday. Don’t you want your guy to feel honored and special knowing only he gets to see the feminine beauty God gave you specifically? Think on that for a minute.

Yes, I get it. It’s not your fault that guys enjoy the beautiful body God gave you. Yes, guys should control themselves because you aren’t dressing to get their attention. True and true.

But, ask yourself, “Am I dressing to impress people or God? Am I trying to get their attention to make me feel good about myself and affirm my worth?” If so, this is useless work. You won’t ever get enough affirmation from people to feel completely secure and confident in yourself. Because God didn’t design you to be affirmed by anyone but Him, your Designer.

Here is what God tells us, His beloved daughters.

Your body belongs to me because I formed you in your momma’s belly. And I paid for you with the life of my Son, Jesus when He died in your place.

This is how valuable you are young ones! Your worth is not determined by how sexy you look or how desirable you are to guys. Your value is determined by God, your Maker. You can’t add to or take away from your value by what you wear or how you display your body.

So, before you slip on that skimpy bikini, squeeze into those daisy dukes, or post that questionable image or video, remember one important truth. You are worth infinitely more than a gorgeous-to-die-for body. Your value is not dependent on how many people desire you or aspire to be you. Your worth isn’t determined or defined by people.

You are valuable, you are significant, because God says you are His. And you are so valuable that He paid a ransom for you. He paid His Son’s life for you! Display yourself like the treasure you are. You are the priceless creation of the God who made the universe and everything in it.

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