God Knows Your Name

I hated my name growing up.

I dreaded each new school year with new teachers because they would butcher my name and I’d have to give them the “adapted” pronunciation. I’d timidly muster up the courage to say, “Phu” as my classmates giggles and snickers.

Kids can be cruel and adults aren’t kind either. My name was the butt of jokes throughout my school years and beyond. Even in college and the workplace, I was teased because my name was different. No wonder I had extremely low self-esteem!

I tried to act brave and hold back tears. I pretended not to care and laughed with them as they poked fun at my name. But deep down, I was hurting.

If only I could be someone else and have a better name. A name that was admired and not ridiculed. A name to be proud of and not to hide from.

There is no denying it. Your name matters. What people say about your name can make you feel valuable or it can cause you think you’re not worth anything at all. Because my name was mocked wherever I went, I always felt insignificant growing up. I believed I had no worth.

But God. Yes, now that God is my Heavenly Father, I know who I am. You see, it doesn’t matter what people say about my name or if they know my name. I feel valuable because God knows my name. I know I have infinite worth as a woman created in His image. He calls me by my name because I belong to Him.

Young hearts, you were created by God to be known. The reason you have a name is to let people know who you are. But the value or worth of your name is determined by your Creator, not by people.

We have proof of this truth from God’s words to us in the Bible. In the book of Isaiah chapter 43, verse 1, God lets us know how valuable we are. He reminds you and me not to be fearful of not being known because He formed us and says, “I know you by your Name.”

So when you feel unknown and unseen, remember that God knows you by your Name. Your name is significantly valuable, not because of your performance, your position, your popularity, or your possessions. But because the Creator of the universe formed you to look and be like Him.

You have immeasurable worth because you possess the value of the God who created and owns everything. And this my young friends, is why being known by God will make you feel valuable. Even when no one knows your name.

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