Overcoming the Pain of Rejection

It doesn’t matter who or how many reject you. God sees you. He accepts you as you are. He says you are worthy even when people toss you aside.

Rejection hurts. It’s a wound you can carry with you all your life, causing you to think untrue things about yourself. Rejection makes you feel unwanted and unloved. It makes you think there is something wrong with you. Like you’re not enough of whatever it is you need to be but also too much of something you shouldn’t be.

Rejection says you don’t belong. You’re not accepted as you are. You don’t measure up. You’re an outsider. And worst of all. You are alone. No one wants you. No one cares about you. No one will ever love you because you are not worth anything.

Of course these are all lies. But I believed them because I didn’t know God and what He says about me.

My young friends, I hate to break it to you, but here it is:

You will be rejected at some point in your life. And the worst kind of rejection is when the opposite sex rejects you. It will make you think you aren’t pretty enough, fun enough, thin enough or whatever enough. You’ll start comparing yourself to other girls. You’ll hate who you are and will try to change your outside to get rid of the ugliness on the inside. You’ll believe there are things wrong with you and you have to fix them in order to be accepted, wanted, and loved.

Young hearts, listen well here.

Rejection is real. It will hurt. It will make you doubt your worth and beauty. That’s normal. Just don’t let it ruin you. Don’t be reckless with your body and your relationships because you want to get back at the ones who broke you in a million pieces. You’ll only do more harm to yourself.

You see, I know about rejection. I’ve felt unwanted, unloved, and unworthy more often than not. Instead of turning to my Creator God, I turned to guys to get love. I thought being wanted by them would make me feel worthy and loved. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Rejection left me feeling unwanted, unworthy, and unloved. But what was intended to harm me, God has used for good to help young hearts like you 🤗.

Young ones, rejection is a part of life because we live in an imperfect world with sinful people. You can’t avoid the pain of rejection, but God can help you deal with it. Get to know. Read His love words to you in the Bible so you’ll know the truth about yourself and the worth you have as His image carrier. Talk to Him and be still to listen also. God will teach you how to handle rejection.

And believe this. Your worth is assigned to you by your Creator. It is not dependent upon people’s acceptance of you. Throughout your life, God will chase after you like no guy ever will. He will send people to love on you in extraordinary ways. Over and over. He will lavish His extravagant love on you. Until you believe you are accepted, wanted, and worthy of being loved just as you are. No matter who or how many rejects you.

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