Letting Go of What Was

Have you ever had enough of something or someone that you’re ready to be done? You just can’t take anymore of whatever it is you’ve been putting up with for way too long. Deep in the recesses of your heart, you hope there is more and better than what you’ve got now. So you yearn for it as a restless soul longs for sleep.

It has been over 25 years, but I still remember my yearnings for more and better than what I had.

Those longings led me towards the path of change which was long overdue. I had been miserable for some time and on the brink of suicide. But during my last semester at Penn State, something clicked in me. I had a yearning for new. I was ready to be done with the old, down-trotten me.

I had been pleading with God for change because I was tired of the me I had become. And God gave me something I had lost. He gave me hope.

So I began dreaming about the life I wanted and the woman I want to become. Dreaming gave me something to look forward to. It gave me hope.

This hope from God was the oomph I needed to move me into my new. I no longer felt stuck in old habits and thought patterns. It was the release I had been waiting on for nearly four years 😢🤗.

All those years I couldn’t move on from what was because I was punishing myself for the poor choices I had made. I believed I deserved to live in misery. After all, I’m responsible for my life turning into a mess. You see, my heart wanted to change for the better, but my mind was stuck on hopelessness. And I didn’t have the power to change my mind.

Thankfully, God stepped in to help. He gave me the power to let go of what was because He wanted to move me into the new He has for me.

Young ones, do you feel stuck in your circumstances? Think you’ve messed up too much or too badly? Do you hate where you are and who you’ve become but don’t know how to change? Ask God for help. I promise He won’t leave you hanging when you come to Him desperately seeking answers.

Listen my young friends, we all mess up because we are imperfect humans. But hear this. No failure, no mess, no sin is beyond God’s repair. He specializes in making new things! Ask me how I know 😉.

You don’t have to live stuck in your mistakes. God wants you to live free. He has better and more for you. Don’t wallow in self-pity. Do not hyperfocus on regret. God forgives you, so forgive yourself and move past your hurts, your failures, and your regrets 💜.

You can’t change your past. But you can work on your present and impact your future. So let go of what was. And believe the truth that God is doing new things for you! Even as I write 🤗.

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