Walking into New

This is a picture of Presque Isle state park, near my hometown in Pennsylvania.

I love fresh fallen snow. So pure. So clean. So firm, yet gentle. So captivating. There’s something so very freeing in the beauty of fresh snow. So many new possibilities awaits.

It reminds me of God’s love which is pure enough to look beyond the darkness of our sins and so strong it breaks through the hardness of our willful ways, yet so gentle it wins us over to the right path. His love frees you and me from the ugliness of sin so we can blossom into the captivating beauties He designed us to be.

With God’s love on our side new things are possible because we are drawn to newness. It makes us want what is good, right, and better for ourselves. His pure, firm, gentle, and captivating love gives us the courage to leave where we were and what we used to be. God’s love propels you and me into the frightening, but necessary path of change. His love guides us into freshness and freedom.

And this my young friends, is where I found myself at the end of my college days. I was drawn to newness. Not because I was heading into real life and career, but because I was looking for a way out of sinful living. It was destroying me. Until God’s love came to my rescue.

That Christmas of 1993, I wanted good, right, and better for myself. I was done with the dirty, ugly me. I was tired of feeling defeated. I came to God ready and willing to walk into the freshness of a new beginning. And He met me where I was: Broken, shamed, guilty, dirty, a big mess.

Young ones, God wants to do this for you too. At Christmas, He came down to earth in human form through His Son, Jesus so he can identify with and relate to you. He did this because He loves you without limit. His powerful love is available to you. It can give you a new beginning into your best, God-designed life. You can walk into freshness and leave behind regrets, mistakes, guilt, shame, all of it.

My young friends, if you’ll give yourself over to Jesus and give him access to your life, He will give you a new life and make you beautifully captivating. You will walk in the freshness you’ve been wanting. Don’t waste anymore time young ones. You will not regret it 💜. I promise 🤗.

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