The Self Love Hype

Self love is the new fad. Promoting self is in. We see it with every swipe. You can’t escape it unless you’re disconnected from the social world. 

I’m all for self love. After all, our Creator God says we are to love others as we love ourselves. And how can we love others if we don’t or can’t love self first?

But there is a difference between loving self because we value our worth as God’s image bearer and the narcissistic love hyped up on social media that is infatuated with self.

Healthy self love is rooted in God. It begins with Him as the source. It can’t be manufactured by practicing words of affirmation. And filling our social media outlets with endless selfies doesn’t work either. Otherwise we’d stop striving for the perfect pictures and catchy captions to convince ourselves and others of said love. 

You see young ones, until you have a personal connection with God, you will not have an accurate understanding of self love. God created us and the concept of love. God says He is love. Love is one of His characteristics, so only He can show you how to love.

Sadly, our world today doesn’t understand what self love is because many do not personally know God, the One who came up with the idea of love. Many confuse being in love with self as having a healthy dose of self love. But this is a distorted perception of the love God wants us to have for ourselves.

So what’s the big deal you ask? Isn’t self love a good thing?

To be clear, loving self is much different than being in love with self.

Being in love with self is dangerous to our well being. It leads us to rely on self instead of being dependent on our Maker. We are impressed with our way of doing and reject God’s ways. We promote self instead of giving God the credit for who He made us to be. Self becomes the center and the source. There is no recognition and acknowledgment of God in our lives. Being in love with self leaves no room for others. It’s difficult to put others first when we are preoccupied with self. 

When we understand that we are created in the image of our Creator God and He designed us with infinite worth, a healthy love of self develops naturally through our connection to Him. We don’t have to strive. We don’t have to prove. We don’t have to compare and compete. We can love self as is because we know our Creator loves us in the same way. It is an authentic and confident, yet humble love of self. 

Here’s the truth. Without God, who is love, we don’t know how to truly love. We’ll either not love self or be in awe of self instead of loving ourselves with a humble confidence. 

My young friends, many voices will persuade you to chase after self love. They’ll tell you self love is key to overcoming, achieving, and success. Learn to discern the difference between loving self and being in love with self. Get to know God and He will teach you how to love yourself the right way. 

Self love God’s way is right and good because it puts God, the One who is love, before self. This is the self love God designed for you and me. When we love God more than self and His Spirit lives in us, we love ourselves adequately, not excessively. Self won’t be the focus and the center. There’s room in our hearts to put others before self. 

A love of self derived from God as its source can overflow to others. This God-given love is kind, it suffers with others, it is not rude and boastful so it doesn’t envy. Unlike infatuated love, it doesn’t insist on it’s own way and isn’t easily provoked. A right love of self from our Maker does not delight in exalting self but seek ways to build others up. This love endures hard things, believes the best in people, and hopes in God not self. This love from God never fails.

Young ones, our broken and chaotic world needs people who know how to love self, not be in love with self. So go ahead and love yourself 💜. But make sure you love God first with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength. 

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