Know Where to Find Your Worth

On one occasion, a young gal shared her story of a local artist she follows. “I couldn’t believe someone like her would take time to respond to my comment on her post when she has so many followers. I mean, who am I?”


I totally get where my younger friend is coming from. I have felt the same about those whom I have exalted to “celebrity” status. I put them on pedestals, believing they are worth more than me because of the number of followers they have.

This is an area God continues to teach me. He’s daily reminding me not to put another human on pedestals and to not measure my worth against them. Because doing so violates his commandments of not putting Him first and of making idols out of those on my pedestals. 

But how easy and subtle it is in our present day social media craze, to do exactly what God has commanded us not to do. We put people in God’s place when we exalt them and belittle ourselves. They become the idols we worship. We strive to be like them. Our time and effort are exerted to attain what they have, followers in the “k”. Because we think having more followers equals more worth. 

Young ones, this is a dangerous and innaccurate understanding of your worth. 

If our worth can be defined by numbers. Then where does it stop?  We keep seeking more followers, more degrees, more money, more titles, more roles, more activities, more stuff. We think the more of these we have, the more worth we have. As humans, we equate our worth with numbers. So we continue to strive for higher numbers in everything, only to find out there is a bottomless pit when issues of worth are at stake. 

The troubling thing is, even Christians have bought into the culture’s belief system that a person’s worth comes from sources other than Creator God. 

The truth is, until and unless we have more of God’s truth in us, we will continue to define our worth by the culture’s standards. And this young ones, is a tiresome and shallow way to live. 

God did not say He created you and me fearfully and wonderfully if we have such and such. Nowhere in His instructions does God tell us our worth is dependent upon numbers. The woman with 10 followers has the same worth as the one with 10,000 followers. Those with 5 titles have the same value to God as those with none. The girl from a wealthy family is not more valuable to God than the one in the hood. Yet, we humans try to define a person’s worth based on numbers. Even though we have no authority to do so. Only God can assign a person’s worth because He made each one of us. 

Back to my young friend above. I gently reminded her that she has the same value as those she follows and hold in high esteem because they are created by the same God who created her. But she totally didn’t get it 😏. She was still awestruck that someone of her little worth has caught the attention of a “social celebrity”. How my heart breaks for this young one 😥.

My young friends, your worth is designed and defined by God, your Creator. Neither you or anyone else can add or take away from your worth. Nothing you’ve done, are doing, or will do can change the worth God has assigned to you when He gave you life. So the next time you are tempted to measure your worth against another, remember this:

God considers you so valuable He gifted you with His Son at Christmas. The gift of Jesus to you and me and the whole world reminds us we worth infinitely and eternally more than what humans can assign to us. For it is our faith in Jesus, which allows God to come into our hearts and satisfy our longing for worth. Once and for all 💜👐.

We can stop striving to have more and be more when we believe our infinite worth comes from God and not any other source. And we can humbly treasure our God-given worth by having a right and true view of self and others. 


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