Thinking Right Thoughts

There’s a battle I contend with everyday and it starts in my mind. I have to grab hold of my thoughts before it grabs and pulls me into wrong thinking about myself and well…pretty much everything. 

A thinker by design, I analyze everything to death. My thoughts can drain me if I don’t grab hold of them. I am emotionally and mentally spent by the end of the day unless I do something with any impure, untrue, negative, ill-provoking thoughts.

My young friends, thoughts are powerful. What goes on in your mind can lead you to the right and good path, or it can set you on a course to what is wrong and harmful. This is because what you think will eventually turn into an action. If it’s played out enough times in your mind, you will act on it.

Even as a young girl, I was a thinker 🤔. But I haven’t always had right, good, or lovely thoughts in my little cranium.

During high school, college, and even in my twenties, I was an infinite pessimist. Oh yes, there is such a person because I was one. I dug deep and searched long but did not find any positives to think on. And I’m not exaggerating. To say I was a pessimist is an understatement. It was pretty ugly 😬.

Of course there were good reasons for my warped and faulty mindset. It’s simple really. God wasn’t in my life. He wasn’t my spiritual filter to help me distinguish between good and harmful information. What my mind grabbed, it believed. My young self gravitated towards ideas and methods from the world system which led to wrong thinking, bad decisions, and eventually sin.

I was an overthinking fool who acted on what she thought was good and right, based on her human understanding of herself and the world. Because I opened myself to the pleasures and offerings of this world, my mind became prisoner to its ways. My thoughts were far from God and His true and right ways. 

Young ones, God tells us in 2 Corinthians 10:5 to take every thought captive and make it obey Him because He loves us and wants to protect you and me.

Pay attention to your thought pattern. When you begin to doubt your abilities, your worth, your purpose for living, grab those untrue thoughts before they pull you into a web of lies and confusion.

Ask Jesus to capture your thoughts and help you believe His truths (written in the bible) over your wrong thoughts. 

Just like that.

This is how I continue to halt negative, wrong thinking before it turns into an action I later regret. Do I nip my thoughts before they turn ugly every time? Not initially. But with practice, I remember sooner rather than later, to take control of my thoughts before it controls me. And when I do, the battle in my mind cowers to God’s truths which has the power to diminish wrong thinking. 

After you grab your thoughts. Then what?

Like any unwanted habit you’re trying to break, you have to replace it with a different one or your mind will wander back to its previous thought pattern. This is because we are humans who lean towards the familiar. I find it impossible to get rid of old ways without putting new ones in its place.

What is the new we are to put in our minds? And how do we do it?

In Philippians 4:8, God teaches us how to train our mind to think well.

We are instructed to think about things which are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and worthy of praise. Wow! How can you have negative and wrong thoughts when you reflect on these beautiful attributes?  

And you know something? God’s method for right thinking works! The evidence is in my words to you. Never in my bravest dreams would I imagine encouraging others when I was drowning in negativity for nearly three quarters of my life! 

God’s words are true and it has the power to help us change. His Word sheds light into our dark thoughts so we can think clearly and rationally. It hushes untrue thoughts and squashes old thought patterns. God sets our mind straight so we are able to think right, good, and life-giving thoughts. 

God says He is good and He is love. Therefore, his instructions are good, loving and for our best. The more of it we get into our heart and mind, the stronger we will be at defeating wrong and false thoughts.

There is one caveat. I know, right?

God says those who come to Him must believe He exists and that He rewards those who obey Him. In order for the above to work, you first have to believe God is real and that He wants the very best for you. Only then will you trust Him to the point of taking action on what He tells you.

My young friends, it’s not about trying harder to think right and true thoughts. Will power fails because our flesh is weak when it comes to fighting mind games. It is about giving Jesus access to your mind, your heart, your body, and your life. That’s your part. God’s part is to do the changing when you give him permission to do so. 

Know this. The battle for sanity and peace in your mind is won by listening to God and not the voices in your head or to the people around you (even if they are Christians).

As you listen to Him, God will put right thoughts in your mind to replace the wrong thoughts. Then you will have a mind that is sound, at peace, and strong to confidently go about the purpose God has designed for you, His real girl.

Are you ready? The battle belongs to God. If you’re willing, He promises to help you reclaim your thoughts for your good and your best ✊. Your outlook, your every decision, your future depends on it. 

I’m rooting for you 💜.

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