Choose Joy

There was a long stretch in my life when I literally had no joy. None. Zilch. Nada.

Of course I didn’t understand what joy meant until a good 15 years after I asked God to be in my life.

Here it is.

Joy is a supernatural by product of faith in Christ. Unlike happiness it isn’t dependent upon how good or bad life is going, how much or little we have, or what we have accomplished.

Joy comes from staying close to God so we’re able to trust Him with and for everything. We are content regardless of what’s happening in our world.

I have joy not because my life is trouble free. I have joy because I know the God who made me and I trust in His love and good heart towards me.

A helpful truth to remember.

In this present earth, life will never be as we want it to be. Something will always be off kilter because imperfections exist. You and I will never be in a state of complete bliss. Sin has ruined this for us. At least temporarily.

Even still, we can have joy when our faith is in Jesus, our Creator and Savior. When we believe in him, his spirit comes to live in us. He nurtures joy in you and me over time as we stay connected to him through daily times of prayer.

Joy grows as we study and reflect on the Bible, God’s words to us. As his teachings sink into our hearts and applied to our life, joy comes because we’re living according to His design.

But you must know this.

Joy can coexist with struggles. Your problems will still be there, but it will no longer nag at you and drag you into a place of despair. You’ll stop having pity parties and not envy others because you think they don’t have problems. People’s happiness and success won’t annoy you because God will give you contentment. You’ll have joy in spite of your less than perfect life.

Joy. It’s one of the best gift God gives. I want it for you. Badly. But you have to choose to receive it. And you start my young friends, by giving all of you to the God who made you. Because real joy can only come from Him.



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