Got Problems?

Last week I heard the word cancer in my family and I panicked. I was scared, confused, and shaken up. Until I talked to God and He reminded me of His size. He’s been teaching me how to deal with the unexpected.

First, don’t panic when you run into impossible circumstances or you’ll forget the size of God.

Second, pray God’s promises in the book of Psalms. These truths will give you peace, hope, and confidence. Your problems are no match for an all knowing, all powerful, all mighty God.

He is the God who created the universe and you. There is no problem too big for God to handle.

Third, trust God. Have confidence in Him. Make it your life goal to trust in His power, knowledge, and love. Especially when things are incredibly hard.

Choose to believe God. Not because it’s easy. But because what God says is true whether you feel like believing it or not. God doesn’t lie. Actually, He can’t lie. It’s not part of his nature.

When you trust God in spite of your reservation about his good heart towards you, you’ll have peace, hope, joy, and comfort even through challenging times.

My young friends, problems will come and go. But God does not change. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He can handle all our problems. It’s what He does each and everyday for you and me. We can trust Him 💜.

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