Your Life Matters

Ever since I was a young girl I wanted to be remembered, recognized, and cherished. It makes me feel like I matter.

Don’t we all want the same? It’s the reason we want wishes, presents, and even celebrations on our birth day. These things make us feel loved. We feel like who we are and what we do matters to somebody. That we are needed in this world.

These feelings are legit because God made us this way. He put in our hearts the longing to feel loved and treasured. So naturally, we look for outward signs from others to affirm how our life matters.

While it may feel good to be seen, remembered, recognized, and celebrated by people, we need not rely on these external gestures to validate our worth and existence.

Are we disappointed when we don’t receive affirmation from people? Yes! Do we feel bad, thinking we are not special? Of course. How and what we feel are real. But, we don’t have to let our feelings supercede the truth of what God says about us.

Regardless of what people say or don’t say to us and what they do or don’t do for us, we are still the special creation God made. Our net worth isn’t decided by people’s actions or inactions, it is assigned to us by our Creator. Nothing people say and do can add more significance to our existence than what God has already hard wired into our fearfully and wonderfully, one-of-a-kind design.

Let these truths sink deeply into your mind and heart. You matter. Your life matters. No one has to validate it. You don’t have to prove it because God has already affirmed your worth when he breathed life into you. In fact, you matter so much to God that He sent His Son Jesus to die for you.

There will be times when you’ll doubt if you are needed in this world and if your life matters. But never forget. You are God’s special treasure. You are needed and your life matters because you are made in the likeness of your Maker. And He doesn’t make anyone or anything that does not matter.

God made you invaluable and irreplaceable. Nothing and no one can add to or take away from the immense value you and your life has to offer this world. Breathe this into your spirit. May God remind you of your worth as often as you need to hear it.

Father God, help us gals to stop relying on compliments, recognition, achievements, and approval from people to affirm our worth. When we forget, remind us that we matter because you assigned us significant value when you breathed a life worth living into our being. Let your love protects us from believing a different story than the one you have already written for us.



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