If You Got it, Don’t Flaunt it!

When I was a teenager (a few decades ago 😉), you have to turn on the tv or buy a sports illustrated magazine to see explicit pictures of half naked women. Not anymore. Now, we can swipe left, right, up, down, any which way and get free viewings of women’s bodies. Anytime, anywhere.

Thanks to technology and social media, girls and young women can flaunt the goods bestowed on them by their Creator before a watching world. All without any signs of blushing.

Of course most of the male viewing audience will tell us to flaunt what we’ve got. Because it costs them nothing but a free look with a simple swipe. On the other hand, flaunting costs women their reputation and dignity as a human made in the image of God. We become sex objects for some men’s lustful fantasies.

What’s troubling about this flaunting phenomenon is, some of these flaunters are your church going, bible learning, Jesus loving girls and young women. They are baring all in exchange for the instant gratification of likes and follows.

Sure it feels good to have people like, comment, and follow us. After all, we are human and vanity is at our core. Myself included. The problem is, we can never get enough attention to the point of satisfaction. Our appetite for validation increases as we get more attention. We keep needing more to feel good about ourselves. So, we bare a little more skin with each exposure in order to get more feedback and followers. We think baring all shows we have the courage and power to express ourselves as strong women.

Except it’s not true.

When we choose to bare breasts, buns, and everything in between for a few minutes of fame, we actually lose our courage and power. We’ve cowered under pressure from a sex-driven culture which has over sexualized girls and women, making us objects to lust after and conquered, but not sought after to love and cherish. Each time we bare all, we give power to our viewing audience to pervert and desecrate the body God has made fearfully and wonderfully in his likeness.

Girls, young women, ladies, friends, sisters in the faith, God made you not just beautiful but captivating. He gave the life of his Son Jesus for you. That’s how precious you are to him!

God took special care to form each of your body parts together into his magnificent masterpiece. Thus, your body belongs to him. You are not your own. How you present your body to the world ought to honor your Maker. When people look at you, they should see the captivating beauty and majesty of your Creator. Because it’s who you are!

God wants you to feel good about yourself, to believe you have infinite worth, and to know you are treasured for your mind, heart, and soul. You are not just a physical body to be desired because you have the right bumps in all the right places.

God made you beautiful. You don’t need to bare your body to get the likes of people. You don’t have to prove to yourself or anyone that you have worth. When you need a reminder to feel good about yourself, go to God. He’ll hush your insecurities and make you feel like the captivating girl or woman you already are. Because he made you uniquely so.

Remember, only God can make you feel completely secure about your beauty every time and all the time. After all, he did hand-made you 😙.





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  1. Kate says:

    Since you are a mom of boys I would think you would focus on teaching your sons to treat women with dignity. Perhaps focus on Matthew 25: 35-45. Why hyper focus on what girls are doing wrong when you have sons?


    1. I am teaching my boys but also want to encourage girls and young women to honor the body God gave them. As an older woman who has been there done that, God is calling me to speak into the lives of the next generation because I care about them as God does. I cannot turn a blind eye and watch these young women conform to the world’s standards when God has a higher purpose for them than what they understand. I cannot love God and not love the next generation enough to share what he has taught me.


  2. Kate says:

    I thought I had included this in my original comment but maybe not. Do you plan to teach young women that dressing modestly does not guarantee they will be treated better by men, Christian or otherwise. I have been there done that. I have one daughter and one son. If I only had sons I would be spending my time on their unique responsibilities. I would feel that was my calling as a parent.


    1. I write as God leads and certainly I won’t shy away from addressing your point in time. God’s calling is unique for each person. I share my experiences to encourage. God uses it how he chooses. Thanks for your input. Happy writing :).


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